The Dumb Blonde's Instruction Manual for a Good Life

 Why Dumb Blonde?

I'm taking it back from the dumb blonde jokes page, the stereotypes, the misogyny, and bringing it up front and in your face with all its built in cognitive dissonance.   I'm taking it back for all of us who have been stereotyped for any reason of hair color, skin color, accent, or anything else. 

 The paradox of any group singled out for being the target of a joke is that some of the jokes really are funny.  But good jokes aren't funny because the target is blond or Jewish or Muslim or drunk; the joke is funny because we see the juxtaposition of a person and event in an unusual and unexpected way.   Though some of the jokes may be funny in that interchangeable way (substitute Jewish for drunk or Catholic for blonde) some are funny at the expense of the group in a mean spirited and sometimes startlingly vicious manner. 

Being called a dumb blond has been used too long by men who objectify ("Look at that ass!") and try and control women and also by women who want to feel superior to other women.  

Well, they've owned the term too long.  It's in my hands now and soon it will be in yours.

The Last Words from The Dumb Blonde's Instruction Manual

If you bought this little manual because it has the phrase dumb blonde in the title, I hope you understand now why I used it.  It doesn't matter what they say about us.  And for all the other stereotypes that have damaged so many, they don't matter either. We are none of them.  And for having been marginalized, we will never do so to others.  I could have used the phrase 'smart woman' or 'intelligent person' instead of dumb blonde and there is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I like them and may use them in the future.

 But the counterintuitive use of the phrase 'dumb blonde' was done on purpose to prove a point - if we face the lies or hurtful words with humor and style and information and understanding and reframe them, we can neutralize them, make them ours and take away the power they have to hurt us.  Live the hurts with grace and they are ours to bury and not theirs to carry.

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